Looking Forward, Looking Back

January 3rd, 2019|Blog|

My Mom and I (Summer before Grade 3) Writing for children (and raising them) makes me think about what I was like as a child. I was quiet and serious. I remembered every [...]

Writing Reflections on a New Year

December 31st, 2018|Blog|

This is the time of year when I think that I'm meant to make my resolutions. Focusing on writing resolutions, I'm going to pick up where I left off. In 2018, I queried four agents [...]

Book Review: Meet the Latkes

December 2nd, 2018|Blog, Books, Kid Lit|

Meet the Latkes by Alan Silberberg was an instantaneous hit in our home. Lucy Latke and her crazy potato latkes family won us all over completely (except our teen who doesn't care). While none of [...]

The Home Stretch (sort of)

November 26th, 2018|Blog|

It's Day 26 of NaNoWriMo, and though I took the weekend off, my word count is 51,244. I won, or so they tell me. My novel is not complete, and I've left the bits that [...]

Almost Time to ‘Call’ it a Draft

November 23rd, 2018|Blog|

I haven't blogged lately (nothing new), but don't feel guilty (an improvement). It's NaNoWriMo Day#23, and I have 48,301 words written (typed). I had planned to use an old notebook for my novel. I had [...]

The World Needs My Novel (NaNoWriMo)

October 31st, 2018|Blog|

It's October 31. 1) 10,000th round of line-editing on my oldest child's college application (due November 1 for early decision): almost done, sort of 2) Planning stage and preparation for NaNoWriMo: see item 1 first 3) [...]


October 24th, 2018|Blog|

Bamboo and morning light on The Morning Trail up Victoria Peak Today on my morning walk up the peak, I altered my route and walked down the trail that I ordinarily only take [...]

Where Does the Story Begin? Aunt Bea

September 5th, 2018|Blog|

I have organized and reorganized my desk. My paperclips are in perfect color-coded order, my pencils are all evenly sharpened and lined up precisely. Until full-day Kindergarten starts (yay!) next week, I still have only [...]


January 26th, 2018|Blog|

I have a virtual drawer of unfinished manuscripts, character sketches, and story outlines. My ‘Recent Project’ list in Scrivener is longer than most pub menus.  Every morning on the walk to school, I repeatedly tell [...]

Book Review: Red Butterfly

January 23rd, 2018|Blog, Books, Kid Lit|

Red Butterfly is a beautiful and heartbreaking story in fluid verse. It is written by A.L. Sonnichsen who lived in Hong Kong as a child and then in China for a period of time as an adult. There [...]

The story behind my new site

December 14th, 2017|Blog|

Welcome to my new blog and my new site. This has been a year of incredible new beginnings. This year, we welcomed a new daughter/sister into our family. And while transitions can be tough, all [...]