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Welcome to my site! I am passionate about literature. I have grown up loving books! As a child, to get extra reading time after bedtime, I rigged up a system to hide and read by lamplight. My favorites were the Twins series by Lucy Fitch Perkins, Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and All-of-a-Kind Family by Sydney Taylor. I have full sets of all of these even today, though I tell my children that I bought the books for them.

While my reading list has certainly expanded, these remain among my favorites and I am still on a quest for books that make me feel the way those did the first time I checked them out of the public library. I am particularly drawn to books that focus on Jewish history, multiculturalism, world history, Asia, and adoption. I also love any book that just helps the reader feel less alone. If you have a book that combines some or all of these, I am eager to review it and add it to my list of favorites. 

I founded Asian Jewish Life to celebrate the diversity of Jewish life in Asia. It perfectly blends my passion for literature, art, history, culture, and Judaica. 

I have just completed the manuscript my first Middle Grade novel and am excited to start a new adventure in kidlit!

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