I’m happy to arrange a visit to your school, synagogue, or community center. I live in Hong Kong, but make regular trips to the United States. I’m also available via Zoom and have FREE worksheets for Counting on Naamah and Zhen Yu and the Snake that you can download.

To arrange a visit, please reach out through my contact page and we can work on creating the ideal program for your group together.

Here are some samples of talks that I can give:


How We Talk About the Pandemic in Picture Books

A look at Alone Together on Dan Street and other picture books that are written about the pandemic to see what we can learn. It’s a lesson on empathy, building community, and finding a silver lining.

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

Alone Together on Dan Street discusses, through the narrative, the questions: What is community? How do we build community? 

This talk looks at Mira’s community (character in Alone Together on Dan Street), at your community, and my community in Hong Kong. 

Why is This Night Different from All Other Nights?

What is the Jewish holiday of Passover? How is it celebrated? A look at Alone Together on Dan Street and how Mira celebrates Passover in the story.

ZHEN YU AND THE SNAKE (available from publication date September 5, 2023)

The Jews of China 

While Zhen Yu and the Snake is set in Kaifeng, Jewish history in China isn’t limited to this community. This talk takes you to the communities of Kaifeng, Shanghai, Harbin, and Hong Kong. Learn who the Jews of China were/are, how they got there, and what their lives were/are like. 

The Jews of Asia (The Far East)

It’s not random that I took a story from the Talmud and placed it in the Far East. Jewish communities have a long history in my region. Hear a bit about many of these ‘far flung’ communities. 

COUNTING ON NAAMAH: A MATHEMATICAL TALE ON NOAH’S ARK (available from publication date September 5, 2023) 

The Texts behind the Text

There’s a whole lot of animals on the ark and not just two of each kind. There’s also a whole lot of Jewish text packed into this picture book. A look at the texts behind the picture book text.


Women in Zhen Yu and the Snake and Counting on Naamah: A Mathematical Tale on Noah’s Ark

How picture books can tell the untold stories of women, who were often nameless, in Jewish texts. A look at my two picture books and other books that redefine modern midrash from a feminist perspective. 

What are folklore/ traditional tales? Why are they important?

Zhen Yu is a retelling of a story in the Talmud and Naamah is a retelling from the Hebrew Bible. This talk is a look at both (or one) of the stories and the story behind the story.


What is it like to create a picture book ‘alone together’?

A talk about the process of writing and publishing a picture book, how I got started, and where I get ideas from. 


Available with another program or on their own.