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COUNTING ON NAAMAH: A Mathematical Tale on Noah’s Ark

Counting on Naamah

 Counting on Naamah: A Mathematical Tale on Noah’s Ark

by Erica Lyons
Illustrated by Mary Uhles
Intergalactic Afikoman
5 September 2023

Rosie Revere Engineer meets Noah’s Ark! What if Naamah, Noah’s wife, was actually a math and engineering whiz? Enjoy this fun, zany, and girl-powered take on the traditional Noah’s Ark story.

Available on Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Tablet Magazine’s The Best Jewish Children’s Books of 2023

“Filled with mathematical puns and cheerful illustrations by Mary Reaves Uhles (try to find [Read More]



Alone Together on Dan Street

by Erica Lyons
illustrated by Jennifer Jamieson
Apples & Honey Press
March 2022

National Jewish Book Awards Finalist 

Mira practices the Four Questions on her apartment balcony and finds a way to bring the neighborhood together for Passover even during the separation of a pandemic. It’s a book about empathy, community, coming together, and finding a silver lining.

 It was the year of singing with one another. No one was together, but no one was alone. 

Available [Read More]



Zhen Yu and the Snake

by Erica Lyons
Illustrated by Renia Metallinou
Kar-Ben/ Lerner
September 2023

   Sydney Taylor Notable

Long ago in China, a girl named Zhen Yu wanders away from her father at a busy market. A mysterious fortune teller helps Zhen Yu’s father find her, but also warns him that one day his daughter will be bitten by a snake on her wedding night. Years later, as Zhen Yu is dressing for her wedding, a knock comes on the door. Although it is [Read More]

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