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COUNTING ON NAAMAH: A Mathematical Tale on Noah’s Ark

Counting on Naamah

 Counting on Naamah: A Mathematical Tale on Noah’s Ark

by Erica Lyons
Illustrated by Mary Uhles
Intergalactic Afikoman
5 September 2023

Rosie Revere Engineer meets Noah’s Ark! What if Naamah, Noah’s wife, was actually a math and engineering whiz? Enjoy this fun, zany, and girl-powered take on the traditional Noah’s Ark story.

Available on Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Tablet Magazine’s The Best Jewish Children’s Books of 2023

“Filled with mathematical puns and cheerful illustrations by Mary Reaves Uhles (try to find [Read More]



Alone Together on Dan Street

by Erica Lyons
illustrated by Jennifer Jamieson
Apples & Honey Press
March 2022

National Jewish Book Awards Finalist 

Mira practices the Four Questions on her apartment balcony and finds a way to bring the neighborhood together for Passover even during the separation of a pandemic. It’s a book about empathy, community, coming together, and finding a silver lining.

 It was the year of singing with one another. No one was together, but no one was alone. 

Available [Read More]



Zhen Yu and the Snake

by Erica Lyons
Illustrated by Renia Metallinou
Kar-Ben/ Lerner
September 2023

   Sydney Taylor Notable

Long ago in China, a girl named Zhen Yu wanders away from her father at a busy market. A mysterious fortune teller helps Zhen Yu’s father find her, but also warns him that one day his daughter will be bitten by a snake on her wedding night. Years later, as Zhen Yu is dressing for her wedding, a knock comes on the door. Although it is [Read More]


Saliman and the Memory Stone

by Erica Lyons

Illustrated by Yinon Ptahia

Apples & Honey Press, May 8, 2024

When young Saliman’s family left Yemen in 1881 to move to Jerusalem there were so many things they could not take along. Promising to remember it all, even the names of each their goats and the color of their fur, he clutched his memory stone, a piece of his house that he kept in his pocket, as a way to keep Yemen in his [Read More]

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