Counting on Naamah

 Counting on Naamah: A Mathematical Tale on Noah’s Ark

by Erica Lyons
Illustrated by Mary Uhles
Intergalactic Afikoman
5 September 2023

Rosie Revere Engineer meets Noah’s Ark! What if Naamah, Noah’s wife, was actually a math and engineering whiz? Enjoy this fun, zany, and girl-powered take on the traditional Noah’s Ark story.

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Tablet Magazine’s The Best Jewish Children’s Books of 2023

“Filled with mathematical puns and cheerful illustrations by Mary Reaves Uhles (try to find the duck on every page!), this is a fun read.”

From the Children’s Book Council: IMAGINATION CELEBRATION! (SUMMER 2024)

Counting on Naamah is featured in the Children’s Book Council’s Summer Showcase of titles that celebrate imagination in all of its creative and playful forms.

From the Sydney Taylor Shmooze

“Yet with a story as universal as Noah’s ark, this book can appeal across a wide range of practice, for Jews and non-Jews alike, especially those who want to show that girls can be great at STEM too.”

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