It was more writing, editing, and querying. Repeat. I’m still determined to get a piece into Tiny Love – one day.

I wrote and then revised a picture book manuscript based on a story from Talmud. I’m particularly excited about it because it’s a somewhat obscure story and I was able to give an unnamed woman a name. The idea came from my women’s learning group discussion.

I then sent the same manuscript to a publisher and heard back straight away! Much of publishing is slow. Every once in a while, I’m learning, things can move quickly.  The response wasn’t a NO! It also wasn’t exactly a yes. I was asked to revise the manuscript and RESUBMIT! The elements that I had added in that I thought would add to the appeal were the things the publisher didn’t like. It was suggested that I consider changing the setting. Hong Kong was suggested. I got started straight away and knew exactly where the story should be set. It was great to be able to do what I love best: to write something set in Asia that is historical.

I also got 2 thoughtful and extremely helpful critiques on the manuscript through the Jewish KidLit Mavens Facebook group. The group has been tremendously supportive and inspiring.

I still have two other PB manuscripts (a Talmud story retelling and a historical fiction) that I haven’t heard anything back on. One is with a publisher who responded immediately to ask a few questions about my bio and my connections. I think this is probably fairly irregular. He did say that he really likes the story.

Lastly, I finish revising my middle grade historical fiction by essentially just cutting out all of Chapter 2 (my darlings must go) and then cutting out another 10+% from the beginning of the book. That alone, I hope, has improved the pace of the novel.