The Art of the Park: An Insider’s View

Word count: 150


On Mondays Ari drew Josh playing soccer.

On Tuesdays he painted Lilah feeding the ducks.

On Wednesdays he sketched Zayde playing chess.

On Thursdays he sculpted the carousel horses.

On Fridays he collaged scenes from the boathouse.

On weekends he folded origami zoo animals.

Then one day everything stopped.

Everyone had to stay inside.

There was a window between Ari and the park.

His world shrunk, colors faded, details vanished. 

What was art without the sounds of wind, the smell of flowers blooming, and the feel of the grass on his toes? 

He stared outside, counting things he missed,

until in Zoom Art Class, Ari’s teacher said the word ‘perspective’.

It was there the whole time!

He could see the entire park – woven patches of bright colors, beams of sunlight, green treetops, clouds. 

Ari’s inside art exploded. Pages filled with new ideas.

Outside is still better, but perspective changes things.