If Twitter was actual publishing, I could confidently say that I am extremely prolific. If it were life, I could say that I am pretty social. I have entered not one but two more Twitter events following PBPitch. First there was PBParty, a competition for a chance to showcase a query and the first 60-70 words of a PB manuscript. The results won’t be posted for another couple of weeks. Immediately following PBParty, was PitMad. I used the PBPitch story as well as one other for PitMad. I ultimately learned that pitching two manuscripts in PitMad doesn’t work very well since you can only pin one to your profile. I ended up without one agent  and one publisher . I also managed to better connect with the writing community and look forward to engaging with and supporting my new Twitter friends. I also encouraged a writing friend to enter and she ended up with agent interest, so that’s a definite ‘win’. As is the case with all of the Twitter pitch opportunities, they are merely an extra opportunity to get your work out there and by no means determine failure or success.