It has been a busy week though my word count is at zero.

I held my debut picture book (Alone Together on Dan Street) in my hands and then also realized that it was on pre-order online! I then spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to publicize this on social media and trying to update my website too. I then realized that my business cards (as if I’m actually going to a conference anytime soon) are outdated and needed to be redone. I have a Canva account for PJ Library Hong Kong that I never learned to use and now I found out why (after spending the better part of the day trying to create a card). They don’t ship outside the US! I eventually figured out how to design new cards and get them printed (ePrint in WanChai, HK$60 for 200 cards which is about US$7). For my website, I learned that I need some professional help. That will take some time.

In the meantime, I now have an illustrator (Renia Metallinou) for Zhen-Yu and the Snake, Kar-Ben, Fall 2023. I then spent a considerable amount of time looking at her beautiful work online. This is always an exciting email to get from the publisher! I can’t wait to see preliminary sketches.

All of this doesn’t mean that I don’t have actual writing that I could be doing. I have plenty to do, namely edit my new historical fiction manuscript. With the kids home over the break, I had to put this off. I probably should be hesitant about using the kids as an excuse because the city is about to go on lockdown mode. A single case of COVID was discovered! As for the planned school break, the time away from my desk was probably good for me too. We ate, slept, read, and hiked. We even had a couple days of winter-like weather (maybe late fall-like for New York).

I’m also actively participating in Storystorm, but more on that to follow!

Happy Reading!