As I prepare to say goodbye to 2021 (likely a bit earlier for me in this part of the world than for most), there’s so much to reflect on, but I’ll focus on writing in this space. 2021, despite the challenges, was the year that I officially launched my KidLit career! While I have been a writer for many years (perhaps since I could write), I just started to call myself an author!

Yesterday I held a hard copy of my debut picture book (Alone Together on Dan Street, Apples & Honey Press, March 2022)  in my hands for the first time! It’s so hard to believe that I just signed that contract in March 2021 and developed the idea for Storystorm in January 2021. I can’t wait to share this story. The book has exceeded my expectations in every way possible!

In June 2021, I signed with my agent and also signed contracts on other projects with more in the pipeline.

I still need to work on one of those ‘how I got my agent’ posts and ‘my path to publishing’ posts. I’m not sure how people that write books also write blog posts while meeting reading and writing challenges, holding jobs, and caring for friends and family.

When I stared writing for magazines and newspapers, I always said that if I touched one person that my work was a success. While that the needle by which we measure our own success constantly moves, it’s still important to look back and see where we set that needle in the first place.

No matter what you have written this year, it is an accomplishment. Celebrate!