Right now I’m focused on beginning to prepare for school visits and an upcoming literary festival. I’ll be in New York in March and that’s the perfect time to highlight a story that takes place on Passover. I hope to be able to line something up for then. Since ALONE TOGETHER is my debut, I don’t have a list of proposed presentations (or a media kit) yet. Kate Messner‘s videos and resources have been highly recommended to me and I’m eager to find other helpful tools.

I’ve learned that writing a book is hard, but also the hard work (and joy) doesn’t end with the final publisher edits. Authors are also, for the most part, their own publicists, social media gurus, marketers, graphic designers, and presenters.

So far, I’ve developed my first presentation (proposal):

How We Talk About the Pandemic: A look at Alone Together on Dan Street and other pandemic picture books to see what can be learned about empathy, building community, and finding a silver lining. 

I recently also participated in my first career fair at a high school and felt a bit like a fraud sitting behind an author placard for the first time, but I guess I can get use to that.

Happy writing (or marketing, presenting, pitching, querying…)!

School visit (yes, we’re still masked here)