It has been a few weeks since my last post. Ok. It’s been a month, but I’ve been busy with family and friends, the beach and eating. We all traveled to Israel to see my daughter. I also had the privilege of traveling for a week (childfree) with an incredible group of women through an organization called Momentum. The best part of it was the friendships that I made. I didn’t realize how much I needed that week until I returned from it. I really just started processing my mother’s death after the unveiling in June and was navigating grief alone while trying to take care of the kids and traveling during a pandemic.

Unless you need to travel to be with family, I suggest you put the holiday plans aside. I’m now on day 5 of a 21-day quarantine and it isn’t easy. The room is comfortable and well lit. We can order food in and food and water (and coffee) are provided. All of that makes it easier, but it is still a very long time to spend locked in one room with no fresh air or adult company. For my very, very active, 8-year-old, this is an extreme challenge.

I hope to get a decent amount of work in though we’re also trying to get through all the things she missed since I pulled her out of school (Grade 2) a month early to travel. Then there is also Netflix and our dance parties. I’ve been forcing myself to run in circles around the room for 15,000 steps a day. It is much harder than it sounds.

At some point, I would like to mentally unpack from my trip. There was so much to inspire me. I just started working on a new picture book inspired by a family story that our Momentum tour guide shared. By ‘started working’, I mean I’ve come up with an idea (historical event) and also the voice for the story. I’ve also started a bit of the research which is my favorite part of the process and my number one procrastination tool.

I also have more picture book news to share, but have to wait until it’s official. In the meantime, my Historical MG is on submission and my agent has already warned me that the industry is moving slowly.

It seems like waiting is going to be a new theme for me.

Shabbat Shalom from Hong Kong!

21-day quarantine (bidud)