It’s been a BIG week and a rollercoaster of emotions.

Vaccine booked! Two days before the first yahrzeit (anniversary) of my mother’s death, I will be fully vaccinated against the disease that killed her.

As for writing news, I have a second picture book under contract! Since this was the story that I had submitted to PB Party, I just withdrew from that contest.

I have also made the decision to go unagented for the time being! After consulting with fellow writers and speaking with two agents (the call), I believe that this is the best decision for now. The timing of my the query process felt too rushed given the fact that I had a publishing contract in my hand and had to pressure agents for an answer.

The picture book (now books) is a Jewish book for Jewish children and I can probably continue to navigate this part of the market alone.

I truly appreciate the candor of the agent who when I asked, “What can you do for me in this market that I’m not already doing?”, responded, “not much”. Finally making a decision is a great feeling and I’m excited to now have time freed up to focus more on my writing and less on the querying process.

In the meantime, I’m having a great time with my newfound love of picture books and the incredible community of picture book writers.