It’s a slow start to the new year in terms of measurable publishing progress. So far three partials from agents on my MG HF. Querying is an exhaustive process. I’m working in small batches of 3-5 at a time and have a complex chart of rankings (1-5 with 1 being the best) in terms of how good a fit I think the agent is for me and my current project. I’m going to spread my first 10 queries throughout my chart to test the waters. There are lots of strategies online as to who to query first and I’m not sure what works best.

With my small flurry of journal submissions from the end of last year, I have at received a semi-encouraging rejection from a journal that I much admire: “While we’re unable to accept Not All Hungry Ghosts Need Altars, we read this piece carefully and found so much to admire in your writing and in this story.  We hope you find it reassuring that your work made our shortlist.” Slightly.

As a full-time special needs coordinator, teacher, barber, editor, peer, technology manager, counselor, therapist, chef, jail warden, and peer for the kids, I may need to reevaluate my definition of success for the time being.