Publishing is filled with losses and wins though this week it was mostly wins.

  • My piece for Modern Loss was published so I suppose that is a publishing win. It was about receiving the COVID vaccine a year after losing my mother to COVID and it unfortunately seemed to resonate with many people.
  • I sent 1 new query out on my MG Historical a week ago and ended the week with a request for a full! I surveyed my fellow MG Knights and the consensus seems to be that I can wait a week before responding. It’s ready though. I think. I hope. I’ve made a number of revisions to it and I want the chance to read through it again before sending it out.
  • I reviewed the final character sketches for my debut PB (Alone Together on Dan Street) and I’m so excited. The main character is absolutely adorable! I love her! Since I’m new to picture books, I never thought about how exciting it can be to see someone entirely born from your own imagination be interpreted by an illustrator.
  • I have a very busy week ahead and can’t wait. I have all the distractions I need to help me through my Motherless Mother’s Day.
  • I have my first Picture Book Pals (co-marketing group) Zoom call this week and I’m so excited to meet the whole group.
  • I’m starting to put together my thoughts for my talk on inclusion in Jewish organizations for the WJC Plenary this week.

It was a week of losses, but mostly of wins.