Writing, Editing, Querying, Repeat

It was more writing, editing, and querying. Repeat. I’m still determined to get a piece into Tiny Love – one day.

I wrote and then revised a picture book manuscript based on a story from Talmud. I’m particularly excited about it [Read More]

Adoption and Fostering in Jewish KitLit

There are very few books on adoption or fostering in Jewish kidlt. This list is an ongoing list (hopefully) that I will continue to update, and a topic that comes up often in my family. It’s shockingly small so I’m [Read More]

Shavua Shorts: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

It’s been a BIG week and a rollercoaster of emotions. Yes, again.

Vaccine (2nd dose) UN-booked (by the government)!

There were alleged irregularities with the packaging of the BioNTech vaccine and the program has been halted while an investigation is underway.

Of [Read More]

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