The Asian Jewish Life Story

  The story of how and why Asian Jewish Life was founded is perhaps long overdue. Though I have recounted it numerous times, I have yet to tell it in our own journal, but it [...]

Holy People in the Taxi

The streets of Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district are bustling with traffic. Yet people seem to be entirely oblivious to the cars and wander across streets pushing rickety carts piled with colored plastic house-wares, flattened [...]

Five Star Refuge: A Week at The Pen

A refugee family at The Peninsula Hong Kong     The lobby of Hong Kong’s Peninsula Hotel (or “The Pen” as it is often fondly referred to as) suggests the height of colonial elegance, framed [...]

Comic Strip Diplomacy

Sketching Chinese and Israeli history Yaakov Kirschen photographed by his wife, artist Sali Ariel. I suppose I should not have been surprised to open my friend's DIY child-friendly Haggadah and find a prominent Pesach Dry Bones cartoon. [...]

Laura Margolis in the Spotlight

Portrait of a heroine in Shanghai The story of Laura Margolis reads like an epic novel. She embodies what larger-than-life literary heroines are made of, though without embellishment, exaggeration, panache or hubris. She was the [...]

When Past and Present Collide

Reshaping the future of the historic Shanghai Ghetto Site of the former JDC office Street view of the former Jewish Ghetto areal Seemingly there is a real tension in Shanghai's Tilanqiao district. The tension is [...]

Siona Benjamin’s Interviews on Canvas

Faces of the Bene Israel When artist Siona Benjamin, an American, set out on her trip back to the India of her childhood in 2010, she arrived with an intense sense of purposefulness heavily laden [...]

Replanting Roots in Shanghai

Architect Haim Dotan’s Journey Architect Haim Dotan To understand the importance of the Israel Pavilion in Shanghai, it is necessary to understand the history of the ties that bind these two ancient peoples. The story [...]

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