Researching Saliman’s World

Every writer has a favorite (and least favorite) step in the process of creating a manuscript. For me, research is it. Research starts the second after I have that ‘lightbulb’ moment. I love the old Looney Tunes scenes when a [Read More]

Finding My Way – The Artist’s Way

The last six months have been tough, but I’m beginning to find my way, the artist’s way.

I’ve always had a million excuses not to write, but I now at least have a couple of valid ones. This war has made [Read More]

Booked for the Hong Kong Lit Festival 2024

I’m booked for the Hong Kong International Literary Festival 2024!

I’ll be speaking about Zhen Yu and the Snake and Counting on Naamah throughout the week at various international schools.

As in past years, I’m also meeting adult readers too! This year [Read More]

When Did Writing Become an Act of Resistance?

When did writing Jewish kidlit become an act of resistance?

What’s the value of Jewish narratives at a time when it feels like no one is listening?

Since 7 October it feels like, as Jewish creatives, we’re all screaming into a void [Read More]

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