Read 100+ New Picture Books: Easier Said than Done

The idea that picture book writers should read 100/300/500 new traditionally published picture books to improve their craft is great advice, essential even. With envy, I view social media pictures of giant stacks of new releases that writers have borrowed [Read More]

How I Found My Agent (Part 1/3: Lost)

This post is long overdue (and long). I had a number of false starts to my KidLit career and learned many lessons along the way. 

In 2015, I participated in NaNoWriMo. I had recently decided that I wanted to write [Read More]

Business Cards

I held my debut picture book (Alone Together on Dan Street) in my hands and then also realized that it was on pre-order online! I’m going to have actual readers soon!

It might not seem obvious, but there’s a business side [Read More]

My First Published Piece

My debut picture book is out this March (Alone Together on Dan Street, Apples & Honey Press, March 2022) and this has been making me think about my writing journey. I recently found my first published piece! I wrote “Where [Read More]

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