I appeared on the All the Write Marketing podcast to discuss Knowing Your Niche.

The interview was great fun and we covered a ton in a short time. I talked about finding my niche and writing in it and my kidlit journey beginning about 25 years before I knew there was going to be one.

As I explained, everyone is an expert in something or uniquely positioned to understand something in a new way. There are people out there who want to hear about it – whatever it is. Once you start to explore your niche, you’ll find that it is probably much broader than you had imagined it to be.

I explained how my passion for Asian Jewish history led me to found a magazine, Asian Jewish Life, which later paved the way for my kidlit journey. Initially people told me that after a couple of issues, I would run out of things to cover. This definitely wasn’t the case. The more I researched and the more I learned, the broader my topic became.  Research ‘rabbit holes’ led me to networks of rabbit holes.

Explore the specific, the particular and it will lead you to universal themes and truths that others will be interested in.

Have a listen via the All the Write Marketing site or on Apply Podcasts or Spotify.  Thank you again to Cardinal Rule Press and Maria Dismondy for this opportunity.