Hong Kong and Israel have much in common

I took my children to Admiralty to the scene of the Occupy Central protests to teach them lessons about passion and persistence. I admired the incredible spirit, civility and intelligence of the protesters, but one [...]

Un petit coin juif en Asie

"J'essaie de mettre en relation les communautés juives d'Asie, ces petites poches de vie juive ", c'est l'objectif que s'est fixée Erica Lyons, la jeune américaine qui a créé en 2010 La vie juive d'Asie, [...]

Asia’s popular Jewish corner

"One of the things I’m trying to do is connect the Jewish communities in Asia, these small pockets of Jewish life,” 'Asian Jewish Life' founder says. Erica Lyons Asian Jewish Life founder Erica Lyons Photo: Courtesy [...]

Asian Jewry undergoing renaissance

By Jeremy Gillick Rabbi Shimon Freundlich Erica Lyons runs Asia's brand-new Jewish magazine, Asian Jewish Life, from a small office in central Hong Kong. It is the region's "Jewish cultural headquarters", she jokes [...]