Picture Books Aren’t Just for Kids

Picture books are for kids, but they aren’t just for kids. While picture books are short and presumably written in language that is fairly accessible, they’re deceptively complex. They are concise. Every word matters, but structure, rhythm, plot, emotional resonance, [Read More]

Learning the Business Side of Publishing

When I finally decided to try to start a career in children’s books, I imagined a rich and rewarding creative life of long walks where I do my best thinking and then school visits and brainstorming sessions with other authors [Read More]

Podcast Appearance: Know Your Niche

I appeared on the All the Write Marketing podcast to discuss Knowing Your Niche.

The interview was great fun and we covered a ton in a short time. I talked about finding my niche and writing in it and my kidlit [Read More]

Do Something You’re Not Good At

When I was little, there were lots of things that I knew that I wasn’t good at and it really bothered me. The only thing that I thought that I was maybe a little good at was writing, but this [Read More]

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