Book Review: Meet the Latkes

Meet the Latkes by Alan Silberberg was an instantaneous hit in our home. Lucy Latke and her crazy potato latkes family won us all over completely (except our teen who doesn't care). While none of [...]

Book Review: Flowers in Full Bloom

Maybe it's because its finally spring here in Hong Kong or just because I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, but I pulled Flowers in Full Bloom from my bookshelf. It was one of my favorite childhood [...]

Book Review: Rashi’s Daughters

I am not certain how other families spend their holidays but ours are fairly easy to summarize and unwavering: beach, read, hike, read, swim, read, sightsee, read. Whereas some people might first seek out the [...]

Book Review: Let’s Talk About Race

I am completely gobsmacked by the sheer beauty and wisdom of Let’s Talk About Race by Julius Lester. The clarity of his language and the importance of his message stands on its own, but the [...]

Book Review: Red Butterfly

Red Butterfly is a beautiful and heartbreaking story in fluid verse. It is written by A.L. Sonnichsen who lived in Hong Kong as a child and then in China for a period of time as an adult. There [...]

Book Review: Rebecca’s Journey Home

I am always in search of books that reflect Jewish diversity. Also, since our youngest child was adopted, I love books that can help her understand that adoption is just another way to grow a [...]

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