It’s October 31.

1) 10,000th round of line-editing on my oldest child’s college application (due November 1 for early decision): almost done, sort of

2) Planning stage and preparation for NaNoWriMo: see item 1 first

3) Trick-or-treating with my 6-year-old: items 1 and 2 will have to wait another few hours

It’s not the application that kept me up last night; it’s NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month is an annual, Internet-based writing project. Participants attempt to write a 50,000-word manuscript between November 1 and November 30. To call it National is a misnomer. There are registered NaNoWriMo groups all over the world even here in Hong Kong. As for the Month, 50,000 words is arguably doable. To call the end product (on November 30) a manuscript is debatable (at least when talking about myself).

The challenge will be the fact that my four children haven’t signed up to be accommodating and it seems that most of life will be continuing as initially planned irrespective of my or anyone else’s writing goals. But, they keep on telling me that the world needs my novel. I’m going to pretend for just 30 days that it does.

Happy writing!

Fictitious cover image for my unrealised fiction