This is an exciting week as we are announcing the launch of PJ Library in Hong Kong. We are following other international communities across South America, Russia, Israel, the UK, Australia, and Singapore in bringing great Jewish books to children in our community.

A sample box of books has already arrived and they are beautiful. These sample books will be made a part of the Jewish Community Centre library’s collection.

My personal involvement with this project perfectly blends my passion for Jewish learning and literature. We still read out loud to our teens when we are able to get their headphones off.

PJ Library will give our community access to books that we otherwise wouldn’t have. Although some people refer to Hong Kong as a shopper’s paradise, it falls very short for book lovers. Hong Kong is home to few bookshops and those that we have are disappearing rapidly. Even back in the good old days when there were bookshops here, Jewish books weren’t readily available.  PJ Library will help our community fill that gap.

It’s always great to read some good news!