While this beach on Kho Phi Phi is one of my favorite places, it isn’t what has kept me from updating my site, but I’m back and more than ready to start a new (school) year. The first day of school is every honest parent’s best day of the year.

Life has gotten in the way, but I return newly energized having just attended the SCBWI conference in Los Angeles. While I haven’t been writing in this space, I did complete a manuscript this past year and am at work on another. I am also busy meeting deadlines for chapters in two non-fiction books. Most importantly, I have been busy helping my own special needs child thrive. This child is a true superstar.

I have many new ideas for writing projects. My family might have been what has kept me from writing, but it is also a source of great inspiration. I have collected photographs and letters from my parent’s attic and can’t wait to incorporate these vignettes into fiction.

Watch this space!