I have a virtual drawer of unfinished manuscripts, character sketches, and story outlines. My ‘Recent Project’ list in Scrivener is longer than most pub menus. 

Every morning on the walk to school, I repeatedly tell my five-year-old, “face forward”, “look ahead”, “keep on moving”,“the best things are in front of you and you are going to miss them.”

I have finished one MG manuscript and I’m well on my way towards finishing a second. I have submitted a creative non-fiction piece for publication and am waiting to hear back. I have reconnected with my storytelling group after a two-year hiatus and I have a live show coming up next week. 

It’s time I head my own advice. I can’t set a personal deadline to have my completed manuscript published, but I can promise myself to keep moving forward and looking ahead. Writing and writing more will certainly be the only path to publication!