After the Fall

In years zero to 12 of expat life, I curated a series of standard quips in response to locals questions about what it is like to live here. A typical conversation would run something like [...]

Get Your Holiday BOOKED

As a word of warning, this article is extremely biased and opinionated. As a general rule, I won’t read anything with the words princess or popular in the title (with the exception, of course, of [...]

The Asian Jewish Life Story

  The story of how and why Asian Jewish Life was founded is perhaps long overdue. Though I have recounted it numerous times, I have yet to tell it in our own journal, but it [...]

On Rye Please, Hold The Stereotypes

  In an effort to procrastinate, I occasionally like to bounce some ideas around. As I work from home with only my two cats for company, this often means waiting until my children return home [...]

On Choosing a Hero

Christa McAuliffe Anyone who has a child and anyone who ever was a child has thought about heroes of some sort, at some point. Of course, there are great variations between chosen hero [...]

Holy People in the Taxi

The streets of Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district are bustling with traffic. Yet people seem to be entirely oblivious to the cars and wander across streets pushing rickety carts piled with colored plastic house-wares, flattened [...]

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