The Asian Jewish Life Story

  The story of how and why Asian Jewish Life was founded is perhaps long overdue. Though I have recounted it numerous times, I have yet to tell it in our own journal, but it [...]

On Rye Please, Hold The Stereotypes

  In an effort to procrastinate, I occasionally like to bounce some ideas around. As I work from home with only my two cats for company, this often means waiting until my children return home [...]

On Choosing a Hero

Christa McAuliffe Anyone who has a child and anyone who ever was a child has thought about heroes of some sort, at some point. Of course, there are great variations between chosen hero [...]

Kung Hei Fat Choy from Our Jewish Home to Yours

Shabbat Dinner Menu for 15: Egg drop soup with crunchy noodles, Stir Fried Vegetables, Dan Dan Noodles, Roasted Chicken with Duck Sauce, Garlic Broccoli, Five-Spice Glazed Salmon, Mandarin Oranges and Almond Cookies. This is not [...]

The Great Cohen Bacon Debate

My  father pointing to treyfe meats. I grew up in The Brady Bunch generation, or at least the generation that grew up watching The Brady Bunch in syndication. I can still hear Peter Brady intone [...]

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