Holy People in the Taxi

The streets of Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district are bustling with traffic. Yet people seem to be entirely oblivious to the cars and wander across streets pushing rickety carts piled with colored plastic house-wares, flattened [...]

Reflections On Jewish Budapest

In the quaint and picturesque Hungarian town of Szentendre (Saint Andrew), just outside of Budapest, our group of five new friends who had gathered from throughout the Jewish world bask in the sunlight, seemingly frozen [...]

Reading Emma Lazarus in Hong Kong

Emma Lazarus It started as my daughter’s third grade assignment: choose a person to write about, preferably an American, preferably a Jew. We were going to do just that. I intended to help my daughter [...]

Studying the Future for Russian Jewry

I come from New York and studied in Washington, D.C., so perhaps I took the existence of specialized Jewish organizations for granted. Of course communities consist of several houses of worship, academic institutions, communal organizations, [...]

Five Star Refuge: A Week at The Pen

A refugee family at The Peninsula Hong Kong     The lobby of Hong Kong’s Peninsula Hotel (or “The Pen” as it is often fondly referred to as) suggests the height of colonial elegance, framed [...]

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