Un petit coin juif en Asie

"J'essaie de mettre en relation les communautés juives d'Asie, ces petites poches de vie juive ", c'est l'objectif que s'est fixée Erica Lyons, la jeune américaine qui a créé en 2010 La vie juive d'Asie, [...]

Asia’s popular Jewish corner

"One of the things I’m trying to do is connect the Jewish communities in Asia, these small pockets of Jewish life,” 'Asian Jewish Life' founder says. Erica Lyons Asian Jewish Life founder Erica Lyons Photo: Courtesy [...]

Aging Out of Generational Divides

Recent articles in the Jewish media have cited critical differences between Jews under 40 and ”older Jews” and have made reference to “stark generation gaps”, “deep generational divides” and certain ideas “not resonating with Jews [...]

Siona Benjamin’s Interviews on Canvas

Faces of the Bene Israel When artist Siona Benjamin, an American, set out on her trip back to the India of her childhood in 2010, she arrived with an intense sense of purposefulness heavily laden [...]